K-12 Public School somewhere in Nebraska

K-12 Public School somewhere in Nebraska

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Speaking | 0 comments

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to an entire school district (250 kids, 30 staff members), and Buckley was able to join me!

We spent the first 30 minutes with K-5 students, with plenty of time for hands-on petting with Buckley. The next hour, a student volunteer watched over Buckley while I presented – we talked about how we go about intentionally taking care of each other with compassion, grace, kindness and genuineness.

I am putting it mildly when I say how much fun we had . . .

After school, I had the opportunity to talk with the staff, and as you can see, they are now holding the most important piece of paper they now own.

Buckley visits a school

Of the many wonderful things I witnessed, I saw a young boy who was very apprehensive about petting Buckley. The student’s adult assistant was continually encouraging, with plenty of space for the young boy to find his own way. After some time, the student did find the courage to touch Buckley – then to pet him.

“You have no idea what a big deal this is,” said the adult. That moment will never leave my mind.

The coloring? Well, THAT my friends is Buckley’s. It was colored by a little Kindergarten girl after the time she spent with Buckley. It now hangs next to where he sleeps.

A very, very good day.


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